ExxonMobil Announces Multi-Year Supply Agreement With Caterpillar

    --  ExxonMobil is the exclusive supplier for 33 Caterpillar(R) lubricants
    --  Long-term cooperative research enables development of advanced lubricant
    --  Lubricants offer highest performance while lowering operating costs for
        Caterpillar customers

FAIRFAX, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- As part of a multi-year agreement, ExxonMobil will manufacture and supply Caterpillar(R) branded lubricants to Caterpillar factories and dealers worldwide. With this agreement, ExxonMobil continues as the exclusive worldwide supplier for 33 Caterpillar(R) lubricants used in engines, transmissions, hydraulics and final drives.

Since 1987, when ExxonMobil began supplying private label lubricants to Caterpillar, the two companies have worked together on world-class product research. That research has resulted in the creation of lubricant technologies that work as a system with the machine and engine to provide the highest performance, while lowering the operating costs for Caterpillar customers. In addition, they provide sustainability-related benefits through extended oil drain intervals and protection of engine emission reduction systems.

"Through ongoing cooperative research, our teams have designed and produced lubricants that meet Caterpillar's high performance standards," said Jim Hennessy, vice president of sales for ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties. "It's a rigorous process: before these lubricants are manufactured, the products and performance specifications are tested and approved by Caterpillar. As part of our global relationship, a dedicated ExxonMobil support team provides technical and marketing training to Cat dealers and facilities worldwide."

ExxonMobil and Caterpillar are already developing the next generation of lubricants and exploring technologies that will further help reduce emissions as well as extend component life.

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