Creating sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and meet society's evolving needs

Access to affordable and reliable energy is part of every key measure of human development, and by operating responsibly, working ethically, and adhering to our core values, we’re positioning ExxonMobil to meet those needs.


Working to solve the “and” equation: Increasing energy supply and reducing emissions

Getting on a path to net zero requires unprecedented innovation and collaboration at immense scale. The ongoing societal effort is critical but must avoid economic hardships and market disruptions that result from energy and product shortages.

Solving this challenge is not an “either/or” proposition. It’s an “and” equation. One that requires an increase in supply and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Given the skills and capabilities required, there’s no question that the energy industry plays a critical role – on both sides of this equation.

Learn more about our plans and progress, included in our Advancing Climate Solutions Report

Advancing Climate Solutions - Executive Summary
Advancing Climate Solutions


Understanding potential impacts and operating responsibly

Our diverse portfolio requires us to work in remote and sensitive environments, such as deep water and areas of high biodiversity. Our environmental management approach is guided by an understanding of the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts of our operations and a commitment to develop, maintain, and operate projects responsibly, using appropriate standards that enable us to “Protect Tomorrow. Today.”

Learn more about our environmental efforts, from water conservation to caring for biodiversity, in our Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report - Executive Summary
Sustainability Report


Care is one of our core values

We aim to be a preferred business partner, employer, neighbor, and supplier. We want our business presence to have a positive impact on the communities where we operate. We work to safeguard the health and security of our employees and the public, deliver social and economic benefits, and uphold respect for human rights in all of our operations worldwide.

Learn more about our care for people and safety in our Sustainability & Investing in People Reports

Investing in People


Responsible, experienced, and informed leadership

Good governance is essential for creating long-term viability of business and the economic development of the communities where we operate. We employ a variety of policies and processes to uphold high ethical standards and promote transparency. Our efforts are underpinned by a board of directors that provides strategic and independent oversight of the corporation’s affairs.

Learn more about our approach to corporate and sustainability governance

Corporate Governance
ACS/Sustainability – Governance

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