Annual Shareholder Meeting

2024 Annual Shareholder Meeting


Shareholders may submit a comment or question prior to the annual meeting. If time permits, questions of general interest relating to ExxonMobil business may be selected for response at the meeting.

This question facility will remain active until 5 p.m. CT on May 24, 2024.

Shareholders who attend the virtual meeting, including pre-registration if needed, as described in the General Information section of ExxonMobil’s Proxy Statement dated April 11, 2024, will also have the ability to submit a comment or question during the meeting.

Questions received prior to or during the annual meeting will be answered as the allotted meeting time permits. In light of the number of business items on this year’s agenda and the need to conclude the annual meeting within a reasonable period of time, we cannot ensure that every shareholder who wishes to have a question or comment addressed during the annual meeting will be able to do so.

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