ExxonMobil Expands World's Largest Carbon Capture Plant in Wyoming

Plant capable of capturing a volume of carbon dioxide equivalent to taking more than 1.5 million cars off the road

    --  Increases regional supply of carbon dioxide needed to extend the
        productivity of aging oil fields
    --  50 percent more carbon dioxide available for enhanced oil recovery and
        other industrial applications

LABARGE, Wyo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ExxonMobil announced today the completion of an expansion to the world's largest carbon dioxide capture plant. Located near LaBarge, Wyoming, the expanded plant will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance oil production in the United States.

"This expansion will result in lower greenhouse gas emissions and help maximize the recovery of Wyoming's oil resources," said Randy Broiles, vice president, Americas, ExxonMobil Production Company. "ExxonMobil is a leader in the research, development and application of carbon capture technologies. These technologies could play a significant role in the future management of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide."

The $86 million expansion includes the installation of compressors to capture 50 percent more carbon dioxide for potential use in enhanced oil recovery and other industrial uses. Enhanced oil recovery involves the injection of carbon dioxide into reservoirs to produce additional oil and gas. The carbon dioxide for this project is captured from the natural gas streams produced from fields in Wyoming. The gas streams contain significant amounts of carbon dioxide and other components that are removed at the LaBarge processing plant.

With the expansion, the plant has the capacity to capture approximately 365 million cubic feet per day of carbon dioxide from the gas streams - equivalent to the amount emitted by more than 1.5 million cars.

The captured carbon dioxide is sold to companies for enhanced oil recovery, helping to extend the productive lives of mature oil fields and producing more energy supplies for America.

CAUTIONARY STATEMENT: Plans and projections in this release are forward-looking statements. Actual future results, including emissions reductions, resource recoveries and the impact of new technologies, could differ materially due to factors including changes in long-term oil or gas prices or other market conditions affecting the oil and gas industries; changes in law or government regulation; technical difficulties; future technological developments by ExxonMobil or others; and other factors discussed under the heading "Factors Affecting Future Results" in the "Investors" section of our website at www.exxonmobil.com.

Notes to editors:

    --  To date, ExxonMobil has invested more than $2.6 billion in the state of
        Wyoming. ExxonMobil's facilities provide jobs, tax revenue and economic
        growth in the area. Since 2005, the company has paid over $237 million
        to the state in severance and property taxes.
    --  ExxonMobil contributes over $100,000 in monetary and in-kind
        contributions annually to local organizations in Wyoming. The company
        supports a number of non-profit organizations in and around Sublette,
        Sweetwater and Lincoln counties.

    Source: Exxon Mobil Corporation