ExxonMobil Pipeline Company Provides Update on Cleanup Operations

BILLINGS, Mont.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ExxonMobil Pipeline Company provided the following update as cleanup operations continued Sunday evening following a release of oil into the Yellowstone River.

    --  More than 120 people were involved in the response and cleanup effort
        including ExxonMobil's North America Regional Response Team, the Clean
        Harbors oil spill response organization, and additional contractors. An
        additional 80 people were expected on site Monday.
    --  For the purposes of the response, the area downriver of the spill has
        been organized into four zones. Cleanup activities are focused in the
        first two zones, Laurel to Duck Creek Bridge, a distance of seven miles
        from the spill location, and Duck Creek Bridge to Johnson Lane (12
        miles). Reconnaissance and evaluation activities are under way in the
        second two zones, Johnson Lane to Miles City (144 miles) and Miles City
        to Glendive (78 miles).
    --  Cleanup crews are using absorbent pads to soak up oil, boom to isolate
        oil that has pooled adjacent to the river and vacuum trucks and tankers
        to pick up and dispose of the oil.
    --  Air quality monitoring is ongoing and has confirmed no danger to public
        health. Municipal water systems are being notified to monitor water
        quality but no reports of impacts have been received to date.
    --  Daily aerial flights over the river are being undertaken to locate
        additional oil locations and monitor and direct cleanup activity.
    --  More than 70 calls to the community claims line have been received. A
        claims hotline number (1-888-382-0043) was established to assist
        individuals who might have been impacted by this event.
    --  Workers from the International Bird Rescue are expected to arrive on
        Monday. The Montana Audubon Conservation Education Center and
        Yellowstone Valley Audubon have offered to provide wildlife recovery
        services and facilities. One report of impacted wildlife has been
    --  Contacts with senior government officials were made throughout the day.
        ExxonMobil is coordinating the response with the Environmental
        Protection Agency; the Montana Department of Environmental Quality; U.S.
        Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety
        Administration; Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; Yellowstone County
        Disaster and Emergency Services; and Yellowstone County commissioners.
    --  An investigation team has been established to determine the cause of the

    Source: Exxon Mobil Corporation