Escalade Mobil 1(R) Selected by Cadillac as Factory Fill Motor Oil for All 2008 Cadillac and DTS Models

For The First Time, Beginning In 2008 Model Year, Mobil 1 Will Be Standard Equipment In Entire Cadillac Lineup


ExxonMobil today announced that Mobil 1, the world's leading synthetic motor oil, has been selected by Cadillac as the factory fill motor oil for its 2008 Cadillac Escalade and DTS models, making Mobil 1 standard equipment in every new 2008 Cadillac vehicle that rolls off of the production line.

"Cadillac is known for producing high-caliber, high-performance luxury vehicles, and we are pleased that it has now chosen Mobil 1 as the factory fill motor oil in all of its models," said Juan Carlos Marroquin, Marketing Manager Americas, ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties.

"We are determined to provide our customers with the best possible ownership experience," added Jim Taylor, General Manager, Cadillac. "Protection against engine wear is a key satisfier for our customers, so we expect the collaboration with Mobil 1 to add a lot of value for them."

Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil features a proprietary SuperSyn anti-wear technology that provides performance beyond conventional motor oils. It provides exceptional protection against engine wear, under normal or even the most extreme conditions.

    Mobil 1 is available at Cadillac and other General Motors dealers.

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Source: Exxon Mobil Corporation