Low Carbon Solutions

Advancing solutions for a lower-emissions energy future

Since formally launching ExxonMobil’s Low Carbon Solutions business in early 2021, we have significantly grown the pipeline of emission-reduction opportunities in carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and lower-emission fuels. Low Carbon Solutions helps lower society’s greenhouse gas emissions by providing solutions in growing markets for carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and biofuels.

By fully capturing the benefits of scale and integration, and leveraging synergies across our business, we strive to play a leading role in the energy transition, bringing to bear these advantages while retaining investment flexibility across a portfolio of evolving opportunities to grow shareholder value.

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Scaling up solutions

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is proven technology that can capture large volumes of CO2 emissions from industrial sources and store them underground, safely and permanently. With more than 30 years' experience, ExxonMobil is a global leader in CCS and we're advancing projects around the world to help us, and our customers, meet emission-reduction goals.

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Hydrogen produces zero greenhouse gas emissions at its point of use. It's also versatile - suitable for power generation, trucking, and heat-intensive industries like steel and chemicals. We are scaling up production of low-carbon hydrogen to reduce CO2 emissions in our own facilities, and helping others do the same.

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Lower-emission fuels

Lower emission fuels (LEF) made from renewable sources - like vegetable oils and agricultural waste - can reduce emissions from trucks and other forms of commercial transportation. We are leveraging our expertise in developing traditional transportation fuels to create lower emission biofuels alternatives for our customers, whether they travel by land, sea or air.

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Advancing Climate Solutions Progress Report

The Advancing Climate Solutions Progress Report explains our company’s approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with the goal of obtaining net-zero emissions by 2050.

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